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Rehabilitation department of DeltaHealth Hospital is fully equipped with rehabilitation devices and operates under a full-fledged management system. The professional rehabilitation team offers consultation, assessment and guidance for rehabilitation in cardiovascular medicine, sports medicine and spinal rehab. The cardiac rehabilitation center is an accredited member of China Cardiovascular Association, constituting a pillar of the DeltaHealth close-circuit cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment model. By incorporating spinal nerve medicine, physical therapy, sports medicine, orthopedic rehabilitation and rehabilitation psychology, the multi-disciplinary and systematic rehabilitation model helps to restore patient’s quality of life in a surgery-free, drug-free and non-invasive manner.

Treatable Diseases:Rehabilitation of heart diseases and orthopedic complications concomitant with heart disease, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation for critical cases, post-operative rehabilitation for cardiovascular patients; rehabilitation of neurological disease; bad posture and gait abnormalities, degenerative lesion of the spine, injury of shoulder, neck, waist and leg, pre-operative and post-operative assessment and supervised rehabilitation for hip and knee surgeries.