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With warmth, we drive away loneliness; with live, we defeat rare diseases

DeltaHealth hospital is dedicated to cardiovascular treatment of rare diseases
On September 22nd, 2016, a patient with MFS received the very first cardiac surgery in DeltaHealth history. The Annual Marfan Community Conference has always been set at DeltaHealth Hospital. On October 25th, 2019, DeltaHealth hospital established the "Marfan's Day” . Years of continuous attention and funding, combined with trust and support, have brought DeltaHealth and the Marfan community even more close.

The Angelic journey is always ongoing

Most of patients receiving charity support at DeltaHealth Hospital are children with CHD. "Every child is the hope of their family, saving a child also saves the family. Over the years, the medical team of DeltaHealth Hospital has been to various less developed region such as Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Henan, Hunan, Guizhou, etc. Having screened close to 6000 children in total, 439 kids received funded treatment. Thanks to the synergy of basic medical insurance, civil administration, special charity funds and social donations, the patients received much-needed medical help with effectively zero financial burden on their family.
DeltaHealth makes children's dream of health come true
Since 2016
DeltaHealth Hospital · Shanghai has established extensive cooperation with a number of public welfare and social organizations
By the end of February 2024
Total charitable institutions
Treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease
1,360 people
Patients 288 with Marfan syndrome
Patients with 923 congenital heart disease
Patients 4 with white's disease
Other poor patients 138 with heart disease
Donation Channels and Process
Shanghai Charity Foundation China Red Cross Foundation - Sun's Cardiovascular Health Fund
1. Sign the direct donation agreement
2. The enterprise provides a scanned copy of the business licenses
3. After verifying the material, the foundation would provide account number of the special fund
4. Transfer the charity donation to the account
5. The foundation provides the charity donation invoice
1. Make payments by scanning the QR code
2. Submit the screenshot of transaction number through official contact channel of the foundation
3. The foundation provides the charity donation invoice
Application Process for Charity Support
1. The patient applies and submits relevant materials
2. Pre-audited by Delta charity task force
3. The foundation reviews and approves charity support
4. Patient admitted to hospital
5. When discharged, the patient settles the bill not covered by charity
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