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In collaboration with Columbia Heart Source, based on internationally leading clinical managerial expertise, DeltaHealth has created a multi-disciplinary medical team covering all cardiovascular diseases in China. With cardiology, cardiac surgery, medical imaging and interventional therapy, anesthesia and ICU as the core, combined with cardiac rehabilitation, clinical nutrition and other cardiovascular-related medical specialties, the team strives to provide patients with a higher level of medical service and humanistic care.

Academician Ge Junbo, top expert in cardiology, Professor Sun Lizhong, eminent cardiac surgeon, Professor Liu Jianshi, expert in cardiac surgery, and Professor Huang Lianjun, one of the pioneers of cardiovascular imaging and interventional therapy in China, now serve as the core team of the Heart Team. All experts of the team, with great achievements in their fields, work together to provide patients with efficient and precise treatment plans for their better lives.