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Compliance Commitments

As a foreign-funded medical institution committed to becoming the industry benchmark, DeltaHealth always adheres to the highest standards of compliance and ethics in daily operation, diagnosis and treatment. We uphold the operating philosophies of integrity, transparent price, privacy protection and quality assurance and fulfill them in all medical services and related businesses. In order to create and maintain a medical industry environment of compliance, transparency and fairness, and promote the enterprise culture that emphasizes compliance with laws and regulations, DeltaHealth hereby makes a special commitment to our customers and suppliers.


DeltaHealth strictly abides by the Regulations on the Administration of Medical Institutions, Anti-Unfair Competition Law, Law on Medical Practitioners and other relevant laws and regulations, and prohibits all forms of bribery and kickbacks. We promise never to collect kickbacks from partners in daily operation, diagnosis and treatment activities; never collect red packets from patients and their families; never falsely advertise related brands and services, so as to ensure that business partners and patients can trust us for cooperation and treatment.

DeltaHealth strictly requires all partners to comply with all applicable anti-commercial bribery laws and regulations and forbids partners from paying any cash or in kind (including but not limited to kickbacks or advances) to our employees under any circumstances.

Quality Assurance

The quality of treatment is the lifeline of medical institutions, so DeltaHealth, as a high-level non-public medical service provider, insists on strict control of medical quality, by ensuring formal doctor qualification and formal source of medical equipment. In addition, we regularly update the internal clinical system, professional skills training for physicians and clinical application of cutting-edge medical technology. In pursuit of excellence and perfection, we commit to making our overall medical level advance with the times, and thus providing high-quality medical services for patients.

DeltaHealth provides a comfortable environment, all-rounded and thoughtful care for patients, and constantly works for improving the patient experience.

Transparent Pricing

DeltaHealth strives to build itself into a medical institution with transparent pricing and establish a doctor-patient relationship with harmony and mutual trust. Therefore, we strictly prohibit over-treatment, illegal charges and compulsory consumption, so that patients can be clear about the medical treatment they receive and pay for, and recover at ease.

DeltaHealth Hospital · Shanghai of DeltaHealth China is a designated BMI hospital which promises to strictly abide by BMI regulations and policies, and cooperate with the government to crack down on illegal activities of defrauding BMI funds. Activities such as off label use, counterfeit hospitalization, unreasonable charges, fabrication of diagnosis and treatment services, changing medication on the prescription into those that can be reimbursed, giving different prescriptions for treatment and reimbursement separately, illegal exchange of BMI codes, and carrying out diagnosis and treatment beyond the scope of BMI payment, are prohibited, so that patients can enjoy the practical benefits of BMI.

Privacy Protection

DeltaHealth always attaches great importance to the protection of patient information and privacy. We strictly abide by the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China, Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, all laws and regulations on the protection of personal information and national standards. We fully respect the privacy of patients, and strictly prohibit the disclosure of patient information through technical means and institutional management. In the meantime, we provide a spacious and comfortable environment for consultation, examination and hospitalization, which ensure privacy protection for patients when they seek medical help in DeltaHealth.

DeltaHealth also requires relevant technical partners to strictly abide by laws, regulations and national standards related to personal information protection, as well as our privacy policy and other data protection policies.

DeltaHealth promises to accept public supervision and deal with complaints if any behavior violating compliance is found. The ways for reporting violations are as follows:

Email: jubao@deltahealth.com.cn

Tel: 021-67007757, 18916537363

Legal and Compliance Department of DeltaHealth