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DeltaHealth Hospital · Shanghai is equipped with a full set of imaging examination and treatment equipment, such as dual-detector DR, 256-slice CT, DSA cath lab and hybrid operating rooms with integrated large flat panel DSA. The 128-detector row, 256-slice ICT can be used to scan all parts of the body for 3D reconstruction. The image quality is greatly improved by miniature flat panel detector, and the unique air cushion bearings and spherical detectors greatly reduce the impact of heart rate on imaging quality of coronary artery. Based on the advanced iterative algorithm iDose4 premium platform, better image quality can be achieved at low radiation doses.


The 3.0T fully digital magnetic resonance enables 400μm high resolution imaging, whole body imaging within average 1 minute, whole abdomen scan within 7.5 minutes, and whole body PET imaging within 10 minutes, which are 4 times the speed of analog magnetic resonance imaging and greatly shorten the scanning time.