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Health Screening Center of DeltaHealth Hospital · Shanghai gives full play to the professional strengths of key departments and disciplines like cardiothoracic blood vessels and oncology, and works with departments such us cardiology, cardiac surgery, medical imaging and intervention, thoracic surgery, oncology, cardiac rehabilitation, etc., to provide Chinese and foreign guests with high-quality health screening and end-to-end holistic service from prevention to rehabilitation.

The Health Screening Center has introduced advanced medical instruments and equipment, including the world's advanced computed tomography (CT), 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), digital radiography (DR), ultrasound imaging equipment, digestive endoscope, polysomnography (PSG), bone densitometer, etc., so as to ensure handier screening and more accurate diagnosis. 

We provide appointment-based service with designated guide accompanied. The professional health management service team provides customized health screening plans for both individuals and groups. While focusing on medical treatment quality, we also constantly pursue more meticulous and humanized service, create cozy medical environment, and offer all-round diagnosis and treatment and health management service.

Central Features
  • Relying on the characteristics of cardiovascular and tumor Specialty: DeltaHealth Hospital · Shanghai focuses on cardiovascular and tumor diseases, and the core team is established for top cardiovascular and tumor experts to provide you with international standard high-quality medical services.

    Comprehensive physical examination and characteristic special screening: formulate scientific and systematic physical examination schemes for different groups, including comprehensive physical examination focusing on systemic examination and characteristic special screening for cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and tumor diseases, so as to protect your health 360 degrees.

    In depth participation of front-line expert team: Senior imaging experts and front-line clinicians led by Professor Huang Lianjun, the discipline leader, provide you with professional and comprehensive examination and in-depth and detailed explanation of physical examination image data.

    Cardiovascular and tumor one-stop services: provide one-stop cardiovascular and tumor diagnosis and treatment programs from prevention, screening, diagnosis, drug and surgical treatment to rehabilitation to help patients return to a healthy life.

    Life cycle health management: establish personal exclusive electronic health archives, and professional doctors will formulate "1 + X" individualized physical examination plan for you through comprehensive health risk assessment, and carry out continuous follow-up visits and health improvement guidance after examination.

    High precision inspection equipment: it has international high-end image inspection equipment, such as Philips brilliance ICT and ingenia 3.0T, which can provide accurate and reliable image diagnosis support

Package Introduction
  • Comprehensive physical examination: conduct comprehensive assessment and examination for human health to realize early warning and timely intervention

    (1) Standard Health Screening Package: routine examination, including internal surgery, liver function, thyroid, tumor markers, routine ultrasound examination, etc.

    (2) Cardiovascular and Tumor Preliminary Health Screening Package: preliminary cardiovascular health screening, including cardiac color Doppler ultrasound, cardiovascular disease risk measurement and other items.

    Characteristic special screening: in-depth imaging examination for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and tumor diseases to identify potential risks

    (1) Cardiovascular Health Screening Package: including cardiovascular depth imaging examination, such as coronary CT angiography, cardiac magnetic resonance examination, coronary MRA and other items.

    (2) Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular One Stop Health Screening Package: including cardiovascular deep imaging examination, brain magnetic resonance examination and other items.

    (3) Comprehensive and In-depth Health Screening of Cardio Cerebrovascular and Tumor: including cardio cerebrovascular and tumor depth imaging examination, cervical & lumbar magnetic resonance examination and other items.

    Personalized additional testing: painless gastroenteroscopy, early screening of colorectal cancer and other items.

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